Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is My Rubicon Too Big?

Yikes!! I put the top down - part way - on my Rubicon and it was a real close call making it into the garage. There was definitely more clearance with the Sahara. 

So I wonder why the Rubicon is taller than the Sahara.  My best guess is the Rubi's All-Terrain tires.

So now my dilemma -- what I'm going to do when I lift and get bigger tires. There will be no way she will fit into the garage with a lift and/or bigger tires when the top is down part way.

My plan was to get 33 inch tires and a 2.5 inch lift. Now I will have to begin to look at my options and how it will affect garage life.

1. Not to lift -- BWAHAHAHA! Nope that is not an option.   

2. 2.5 inch lift & keep my 31's -- but then I won't be able to drive into the garage with the top part way down. There is the potential where I would forget and try to drive into the garage. That would not be good. 

3. 2.5 inch lift & 33's -- then I run the risk of not fitting into the garage at all. I could look into getting a cover for the Jeep and leave her in the driveway.  She does have remote start so I could warm her up in the winter. Plus, aren't Jeeps meant for the great outdoors.  There is also the possibility when we get our roof replaced we could try to figure out a way to increase the opening of the garage.

Who knew years ago when we bought our house the size of our garage would become and issue. 

Well, I have 78 inches to work with. Right now there are 6 inches to spare and that would be a tight fit.

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