Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tire PSI Off Road

Tire Deflators -- a tool I never even knew existed until a couple of months ago. Well - I finally have my own set. I took them with me on my last off-road adventure, but I didn't realize I needed to set them before hand. 

So... that's what I did these past two days. Yep, it took me two days to finally get them set.  Remember, I'm a mom as well, and had my mom duties to attend to.  

First, I watched a You Tube video on how to set my tire deflators.  Then I gathered up my needed "tools".

Now, it was time to deflate my spare tire. I used a screwdriver. It took longer than I thought to let all the air out for the PSI I was going for. I kept checking the pressure with my new digital tire pressure gauge.

Once I had the first one set I checked the pressure again. It went below what I wanted. UGH... That meant I needed to finish up at the gas station where I could air up the spare and repeat the process three more times. But... I didn't have time to finish that day. Which is why my process took 2 days. 
The next day, I was getting ready to head up to the gas station to fill the spare with air so I could set the other three deflators. My husband then saved the day with this air compressor sitting on the shelf. I never knew we even had one. I wonder what other little treasures I will find in the garage. Who knew!!!

So, I finished up the last three deflators with the help of the trusty Craftsman Inflator. Hmmm... something I might add to my Christmas Wish List, which by the way when you have a Jeep continues to grow. 

My tire deflators are now set at about 15 PSI.  Now, I'm ready for a day of wheelin' this weekend! I can't wait to see how different my New Rubicon is compared to the Sahara. 

JT Brooks Tire Deflators Pro - - $99.95

Craftsman 120 volt portable inflator - - $79.00

Tire Pressure Guage - - $27.90

  -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

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