Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jeep History

Today is Veteran's Day -- a day we should all be giving thanks and honoring military veterans who courageously fought and served for our country. A country where we have many freedoms and one of those freedoms is Freedom of Choice.

In the 1940's the Jeep emerged as a hero to thousands of Allied soldiers around the world as a supreme 4X4 vehicle.  Just as the Jeep was a hero to these soldiers. These soldiers - and all men and women in the military past and present - are heros to me. Their dedication, gallantry and service to our great nation has afforded us all the freedom of choice.  

And once again Jeep comes through as a hero to us everyday citizens offering many Jeep choices. While we are not all Wrangler owners - we are all part of the same Jeep community with the same love and passion for the Jeep brand.   

A fun thing I would like to do one day is to test drive and compare all the different models of Jeeps that Jeep has to offer. But in the meantime a fellow Jeeper shares his story behind his purchase of the Jeep Patriot. While he is not a Wrangler owner (though I believe he wants to be) he still shares the same passion for his Jeep as Wrangler owners do for theirs.  

In the past few years the Jeep statement "Anytime, Anywhere" has started to make sense to me.  An excellent motto for those of us who are stubborn and unyielding. The fact that Jeeps are mostly of US parts and production also had a bearing into my growing fancy of Jeep ownership. 

As a Veteran, I want to support our country and our workers which means no foreign vehicle. My peak of desiring to slide behind the steering wheel that proudly displays JEEP reached total chaos in 2013. Hmmmm... I have the means and desire to get a Jeep...Finally!!   

So my research began -- internet, test drives, all the nuances that drive a person into the Jeep store. Hmmmm, Wrangler, now that's a Jeep, but they are pricey and I have to keep in mind the occasional trip, drive and entertainment I provide as the only kid to my elderly parents. No way in hell will they be able to get into then tolerate a Wrangler ride. Sniff, sniff...the price you pay sometimes for being an only child! 

OK, what else is available in the Jeep stable? Compass, nah too small. Grand whatever, nooo look at that sticker price! Hmmmm...  Patriot may fit the bill. Looks like a Jeep, no problem with others getting in and out, has 4 wheel drive a prerequisite for living in the Upper Midwest. So let's take a look at some reviews of this Jeep called the Patriot. 

What the! The professional auto gurus say this about the Patriot. "Why does Jeep make such a piece of crap?" Hey wait a minute, let's read some owner reviews. There is a serious disconnect here.  Lots of so called owners seem to like the Patriot. Well... now whom do I believe? Professional auto masters or run of the mill Jeep owners?? Well I am going to take another ride in the Patriot, so off I head to the local Jeep store. 

You know, when going past this dealer on the Interstate during my daily drives, I have never noticed a Patriot on the front line for inspection by possible new owners. Why is that? I arrive at the dealer who promptly fetches a Patriot from somewhere in the massive lot of iron. Off we go....weeeee, down the interstate, through some gravel and dirt roads.  weeeee.... I am hooked. Get the checkbook out, checks clears and now it's mine....look at that JEEP logo looking back at me!!!

And since those early days of Jeep infatuation, the feeling and fun of Jeep ownership has never left. Others allowed to partake in this experience inside the Patriot have had nothing but good things to say. Recently I have began to use the auto stick! Oh boy speed racer in a Patriot!


While we all might not be Wrangler owners we need to remember that a Jeep owner is a Jeep owner whether a Wrangler or Patriot and we are all a port of this great Jeep family. 

To the ones who started this whole great community and camaraderie decades ago I truly thank you for your service, your gallantry, your dedication and for bringing the Jeep to our great country! The Jeep changed the lives of many soldiers back in the 1940's and it has changed my life as well.

Happy Veteran's Day!

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