Thursday, December 18, 2014

Plugging in My New Raxiom Lights

I'm a little puzzled on how to plug in my new off road lights -- Raxiom 3 inch square LED lights. Extreme Terrain sent them too me last week, and I've been searching the internet for install videos, but no such luck. They said they would put me in touch with someone at their shop who could help me. But I really wanted to try to figure this out on my own.

I also have the Raxiom LED lighting switch kit. This way I can push a button inside my Rubicon to switch on and off the off-road lights. I started to attach them to my Trailforce HD Front Bumper, but realized I need to get different hardware for the mounting. 

As I was attaching them to the front bumper I wondered what am I suppose to do with the wiring? Where does it go? I've seen people zip-tie the cables to the bumper, but I really don't want to do that. Maybe I'm suppose to drill a hole into the bumper -- I'm not even sure the pipe is hollow. 

So, then I wondered if placing them atop the bumper is where they are suppose to go. I've seen other Jeeps with lights in many places. Some put lights up near the windshield, but I think those are the big round lights. Then I've seen them attached hanging from the bumper mounts or even directly on the bumper itself.  

Now I wonder... not only about where to put the cables, but the placement of the lights. I have two quandaries...  Or wait... I think I have three.

I think the cables for the lights are missing something. How in the world do I plug them in? Oh what's a Jeep Mom to do.

In all seriousness folks I'm pretty sure I will end up talking to a person at Extreme Terrain. Unless one of you out there has some great suggestion about the placement of the lights. And a great idea on what to do with the cables. Don't worry I know how to splice the wires. I won't be attempting to use an extension cord. 

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