Monday, December 22, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a theory. In the works of fiction this Butterfly Effect involves points in time at which a story line diverges during a minor event resulting in a significantly different outcome than would have occurred without that small divergent in time.

Did you get that?

Basically, it is something small that alters the path you are on in your life. It takes you in a whole other direction. 

For me -- I can pinpoint three exact moments in time that have altered the my life's path. The first moment in time was the moment I realized I have to have a Jeep. I was never into what kind of car I drove. It was just a vehicle to get me from point A to point B. But the day I saw the dad, who was taking some Boy Scouts on a camping trip, get out of his Jeep to put his top down was the moment in time when I realized I want one. I want a Jeep!  So I can put the top down and drive to the beach to go camping. A couple weeks later, I bought my first Jeep Wrangler. 

The second moment in time that altered my path was the day my good friend and neighbor suggested I start a blog. As a stay at home mom I realized it's time to work my way back into the work force. Now that my boys are getting older I'm not needed as much. But being out of the work force for fifteen years --- it's hard to get back in. So that night I went home and Jeep Momma was born. 
My Friend's Blog -- Check it Out!!!

The third point in time was the day I found videos of a fellow jeepers wheelin' adventures on the Rubicon Trail. Once I started my blog I became more involved in social media. I started meeting other Jeepers and was introduced to the whole new world of Jeeps and off roading. That day I started watching those videos what the day I was bit by the off road bug and my desire to modify my Jeep.
Rubicon Trail Videos - FamilyJK1 - Check them out!!!

There are always these little points in time that alter our course. At those moments we are have no idea how such a small event is going to change our current path. I am so thankful for those three moments in time because they have brought me so much joy and happiness. I have found new friends and a new passion.

        - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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