Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Raxiom Lights Location Pros & Cons

I'm still struggling with where to put my new Raxiom 3 inch square LED lights. I'm pretty confident on how to wire it up. It should be pretty simple. I also have the the Raxiom LED lighting switch kit which should be pretty easy as well.

My issue is the cosmetic aspect of the location of the lights and wiring. I figure I have couple of locations to mount my lights. But each location has it's pros and cons. 

First is where they normally are mounted -- on top of my
Barricade Trailforce HD Bumper.  Mounting the lights here would require an additional washer and a longer bolt, which I can easily get at the hardware store. But then the question becomes the wiring. I could drill holes into my bumper to hide the wires, but I don't want to do that. I've seen other Jeepers use zip ties. At first I was against the whole zip tie route, but others have sent me pictures and they don't look too bad. 
Then it was suggested I put them on the A pillar. I didn't even know what that was -- but now I do -- learn something new every day.  I was leaning towards the A pillar option. No zip ties and no drilling into the bumper.  But I would need to get mounts for this option. The wiring would not be as difficult. The con is the glare coming off the hood. 

So I got on the phone with Ryan at ExtremeTerrain. He was super helpful.  He helped me to understand how each of the different locations light placement would work in regaards to the lighting. He also suggested I could get the matte black vinyl decal to help with the glare if I go the A pillar route. 

He did mention if I did go the A pillar route I could position the lights to aim more to the side of the Jeep which could also help with the glare.  But, he said if it were him -- he would go the bumper route which would give me better lighting in front of the headlights beam.

I was really leaning towards the A pillar route -- like this really cool looking Jeep. Thomas a fellow Jeeper who likes to hit the trails at Rausch Creek loves the A pillar location on his Jeep. But since talking with Ryan at ExtremeTerrain -- he has steered me back to the bumper. But... I'm really wanting the lights up on the A pillar too. 

It would be cool to get more parts in the mail with having to get the mounts and decal. Plus positioning the lights out to get the "peripheral vision" will help when the Zombie apocalypse happens. 

Now, I have been bitten by the light bug, and I want both. I guess I can relax a little as I don't need to decide this until next year.  Oh NO! wait a minute... 

It's almost next year! 

               - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -


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