Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CB Install

For Christmas I got the Cobra 25 LTD Classic CB radio and a Jeep Spare tire CB antenna kit. I finally got around to installing it. The antenna was a pretty simple process. 

First I removed the spare tire. Man that thing is heavy. If I am ever out on the trails, and I have to change out my tire I won't be able to lift the flat tire back up onto the gate. I guess I will just have to shove it in the back seat. 

With the spare tire was off, the antenna mount bolted onto the spare tire holder all ready on the Jeep. Using a 13 mm wrench it is easily installed.   

The next step was pulling the oval rubber grommet from the rear gate and drilling a hole in the rubber piece. This will allow the cable to pass through the door. This was my first time using a drill.  I did not drill my fingers. Once I figured out how unsafe this was, I drilled the hole by placing the grommet on a board on the floor. 

The hardest part of the install was threading the cable into the rubber grommet. Once that was done I removed the plastic panel inside the rear door and threaded the cable through the door - the second most difficult part. I threaded a plastic string through the hole to tie to the cable. Then I pulled the string back through and grabbed the cable with a needle nose pliers. 

Once the cable was pulled through the rear door I ran it along the door and then tucked the cable along the passenger side of the Jeep up underneath the passenger seat. Which is where it sits now.

Now comes the installation of the CB radio. The question is where to put it. I asked many Jeepers for their suggestions. One was to install it on the far left dash. Well, in my Jeep that won't work because there is no room unlike older model Jeeps. 

Another suggestion was in the middle of the dash underneath the rear view mirror. I felt this would get in the way of my view. It also took away my storage space for my sunglasses.

The suggestion that I thought would work well is above the rear view mirror as I see this a lot in fellow Jeeper's Jeeps. But again there didn't seem to be a whole lot of room, and what would I do with the mic.

So my last option was to install it on the passenger side along the shifter. It would be easy to reach and monitor. It wouldn't be distracting while I drive. However, it could be uncomfortable for any passenger I may have driving with me. 

But wait -- that wasn't my last option. I decided to make my CB radio portable. This way I could just bring it along when I am out on the trails with no worry of theft when I am topless. 

I purchased the RoadPro - RPPS-22o 3-pin plug/12 volt fuse replacement CB power Cord
This was a good simple solution for me until I decide where I want to permanently place my CB radio. 

Plus, it allows me to further research the idea of a spod

By the way once I hooked up the CB we did make radio contact. We will see how it works out on the trails. I will keep you posted. 

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