Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Top 10 Jeep Accessories

As I gave my blog a make-over, I looked back on some old posts. Some of these posts are now pretty funny, and I realize how much my Jeep attitude has changed.

For example back in July of 2013 I wrote a post on the  

Top Ten Jeep Accessories a Jeep Mom Must Have in 2013 

1. A hat (straw or baseball) 
2. Sunglasses 
3. A gym membership 
4. Water Bottle 
5. Victoria Secret Yoga Pants
6. I-phone
7. Pandora App 
8. Aux Connection Cord 
9. Jeep T-shirt
10. The Weather Channel App

Over time my Jeep Accessory needs have certainly changed. So, I decided I would revise the Top Ten Jeep Mom Jeep Accessory list.

During the past year or so, I have learned one of the most important items any Jeep owner should be aware of are Recovery Points. Getting yourself and your Jeep out of a sticky situation is very important and that is accomplished with recovery points and the education of recovery which I received via all those great You Tube videos. 
So number one on my list is my Barricade Trailforce HD Bumper with two recovery points at the D-rings in the front.

Along with Recovery Points Jeepers should carry a Recovery Kit. Every kit is unique to the person. Check out my October 2014 Post to see what's in my kit -- which continues to grow. 

I would have to say during those topless drives a hat, sunscreen, music, and a Jeep T-shirt remain at the top of the list. 

And if I had to do over again, I would have taken off the side steps of the Sahara. I never seemed to use this accessory as a step. When off-roading it just became something that would, and could, and did get damaged.
However, for those who need the side step, I highly recommend rock sliders. These make great steps for kids, and also protect your doors against damage from rocks. Mine are the Barricade Rock Sliders from Extreme Terrain. They are so easy to install on your own -- Just like I did this past September. 
My New Rock Sliders Install Part 1
My New Rock Sliders Install Part 2

Another important item is a CB Radio. This allows you to keep in touch with fellow Jeepers out on the trail. I can't wait to install the CB Radio I got for Christmas. A mom's to do list is never ending. 

So--- now that makes eight items on my Top Ten list. Hmmmm... Looks like I will be out shopping on the internet for some more Jeep Accessories. Maybe you can help me figure out what else could make a Mom's Top Ten List. 

   - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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