Friday, January 23, 2015

Taking Chances in My Rubicon

This past weekend I went off roading in my brand new 2015 Rubicon at Rausch Creek in the ice and snow. My Rubicon has less than 3000 miles on it, and I have only made three payments so far. I need to keep her healthy, because we still have a long way to go with her. 

So.... I may be a little more cautious out on the trails then the next person.

Okay -- so a lot more cautious. 

As I was editing my videos from this weekend, I noticed that I was hesitant on some of the trails. It was my first time off roading in the ice and snow which is a whole different experience than on the asphalt in those elements. When you are crawling over a rock, even the smaller ones, and you are not sure what your back end will do -- makes for a unique experience every time. 

Here are two videos where I am a little hesitant, but... in the end I make it through, or up in these cases, the obstacle. For me it is all about the confidence in my abilities as I know the Rubicon is tough and a very capable off road vehicle.

Winter Wheelin' Part 1

Winter Wheelin' Part 2

Now in this next video you notice I'm not so confident. 

Winter Wheelin' Part 4

With the ice and snow, I wasn't sure how she would crawl through the rocks. So I decided to take the by pass. You may look at the video and say "Wow that looks pretty easy". But as anyone who has been out on the trails first hand knows -- It is way more difficult than it looks in the video. Plus, I was in control of a vehicle that is worth $41K. I was not about to take any chances, however slim they may be, of damaging my new Rubicon. 

Call me chicken, or tell me I suck, but I am not stupid. I can live with that, knowing I have an undamaged Rubicon sitting in my garage waiting for me to take her out for a little adventure again real soon.  

Oh in case you are wondering here is Part 3. I do know how to count. 

Winter Wheelin' Part 3

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