Saturday, January 24, 2015

Would Engaging My Axle Locks Helped?

My Rubicon comes with a couple of - what I like to call - magic buttons.  One is the sway bar button. When I'm in 4 low, I just push this button and my sway bars are electronically disconnected. The other buttons are the hill decent control, axle lock, and traction control, some call it ESP.  

Now, I have the sway bar and hill decent buttons down pat.  I'm still trying to figure  the best time to use the other two buttons. 

I understand the theory of how the axle locks work. I need to know in what situations will it come in handy, and when to engage. I know I have discussed this before, but until I actually use the feature I won't fully understand it.

Last weekend I was wheelin' on some icy and snow packed

trails. There were several situations where I would fish tail. There were also several times where my tires were spinning like in this video I posted on you tube.

You Tube Video 
- Getting Stuck/Spinning Tires

If I would have pushed the axle lock button, would this have helped me in these situations?

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