Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jeeps Are Not Meant to Stay Dirty!

So you must have read the title to this blog post and thought, she has lost her mind.  Well -  I will stick to my guns, and say yes, that this a true statement.  
"Jeeps Are Not Meant to Be Dirty!" 

However, they are meant to GET dirty just not stay dirty. And there are certain types of dirty that are good, and one particular dirty is really, really bad for your Jeep.

Our Jeeps hold a special place in our hearts. We spend so much time devoted to the care and modifications to our Jeeps I don't understand why anyone would not take the time to show a little loving care for their Jeep

If you follow me on my many social media sites, you will have
noticed I am a tad annoyed with our road crews, and Old Man Winter. Old Man Winter, at least where I live, has not produced the snow like a Jeep lover would want. The only thing we have received this winter is a slushy, salty brown mess that is coating the undercarriage and body of my Rubicon

The road crews are spreading salt for the safety of road travel, I get that, it is a necessary evil. But, this over use of salt is getting to the point of ridiculous. 

CBS News aired a story on the damage road salt can do to your vehicle. -- CBS News Story -- Road salt is a corrosive chemical. It will rust the undercarriage, body, and frame of any vehicle. 

I must be a proactive Jeep owner, and keep the nasty chemical slushie off my Jeep. There are tons of tips on how to keep this salt concoction off your Jeep... but I will break it down into 3 easy tips.

1. Wash your vehicle - at least every two weeks, no matter how cold it is, just make sure you dry it off with a towel. 

2. Use a high pressure sprayer and make sure you get the wheel wells and under carriage paying special attention to brake lines and fuel lines. 

3. Wax and re-wax!                          DMV Salt Tips 

All I can say is I think Old Man Winter has over stayed his welcome. I have grown tired of the road salt slushies.  I am ready for a little topless in the sun therapy, and soon, very soon!

 - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - 

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