Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Camp Jeep Experience

This past weekend the Washington Auto Show was in town. I kept hearing that "Camp Jeep" was there, so I headed down with my family to see what it was all about. After making our way through the crowds of people on the show floor we found Camp Jeep. 

The line for this experience was longer than a line at Disneyworld. I was able to use my media passes like a fast pass, and a little help from Beth one of the managers, to skip to the front of the line. 

Once there I checked in with my driver's license, answered a few questions, and got my Jeep pass to Camp Jeep. 

Then came my turn to take the Wrangler Sport for a spin. But wait... the attendant opened up the passenger door for me to get in. I was thinking I was going to get to drive. I even let the attendant know who I was... and I owned a Rubicon... and took her off-roading all the time. I was even willing to show him my hundreds of selfies and off roading pictures, but no such luck. At one point my husband told me to "just get in the Jeep, you are holding up the line".

So I got in the passenger seat, and met my driver Chris, who by the way, owns a Cherokee back home. Of course I had to tell him I was a somewhat experienced Wrangler driver off road. Normally during the drive they give you the pitch of the capabilities of the Jeep you are in. 

But, since I understood all that, Chris and I, on our leisurely stroll through the "Camp Jeep" obstacle course, talked about the Jeeps we both owned. 

The obstacle course showed the many great capabilities the Jeep has when off roading. 

Ground Clearance





I was glad to get the opportunity to share this ride with my family. My husband finally got to see what the thrill is all about. Also, I was able to experience the ride, as a passenger. I found I prefer to be behind the wheel as a driver. 

As an Jeep owner with some off-roading experience I all ready knew of the impressive off-road handling of the Jeep. But for someone who has never been in a Jeep or driven their Jeep off roading this was a great experience to get to know what the Jeep is really all about. It was fun to watch all the reactions of all the passengers enjoy their Jeep rides. 

I expect there will be even more Jeeps out on the trails soon after Camp Jeep rolls around the country.

If you want to hear more about my Camp Jeep experience check out the XJTalkShow tonight when I share my experience LIVE on Wrangler talk at 11pm Eastern time.  

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