Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jeep Spring Care Tips

Now that spring seems to be in the air, at least in my neck of the woods, it is time for some Spring cleaning. My Jeep has been assaulted all winter by that nasty, corrosive road salt. Now it's time to get my Rubicon ready to rock the sunny, warm Spring weather. 

I did wash my Rubicon several times this winter, but now it is time to really get down and give her a good bath. First, I will wash off all that winter mud, dirt and salt. As I take my time cleaning every nook and cranny, I keep my eyes out for the corrosive rust attacking my Jeep.

When I find the rust, I break out the sandpaper, wire brush and rust treatment. I found my first signs of rust when I replaced my shackles. 

After this first wash, I noticed some more rust on the corner of the bumper. Time to break out the sandpaper again. I also crawled under the Jeep, and will be tackling my skid plates too. However there is still a whole lot of salt under the Jeep. Looks like I will need get the brush and suds one more time to really give her a good scrubbing. 

Once I finish with a good wash and some rust prevention, it will be time to try my first attempt at using clay bar then a good wax.
This process can take several hours, but from what I have read it will be well worth the effort. There are tons of minuscule particles on the exterior of the Jeep that the clay bar will take off. It is important to me to keep my Rubicon well loved as I want her around a long time. 

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