Friday, April 3, 2015

Fluid Film

I am still in spring cleaning mode on my Rubicon. I've all ready taken care of some rust on my bumper now it is time to tackle those skid plates. Just like the bumper, first I need to wash the undercarriage thoroughly. Then I will sand and use a wire brush to remove as much surface rust as I can. Then I will use the Rust Treatment from Permatex which I have found to be a pretty good product. 

Then comes a protection to preserve my skid plates and other undercarriage parts. I have decided to try out Fluid Film.  It is a unique wool-wax based formula that is suppose to provide long term protection for metals. It is suppose to stop existing corrosion on contact as well as future corrosion. 

Before I spend thousands of dollars on a professional undercoating, I will give this a try. I will keep you posted on the progress throughout the year.

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