Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Jeep Broke

Sunday morning, bright and early, I hit the interstate heading North to the mountains of Pennsylvania. My destination... Rausch Creek Off Road Park for a much needed day of #JeepTherapy in four wheel low. It had been four months since the last time I was able to go wheelin'. 

I was looking forward to a day of trail riding, but at the same time nervous, because I was going to attempt some of the blue trails. The blue trails are a step up in difficulty from the green trails I had been running. 

But right off the bat before I even, or while I, put the Jeep into four wheel low I broke my Jeep. As I was shifting into 4 low the aftermarket Drake knob came off the transfer case shifter.

Most likely the set screw came loose from the everyday vibrations of the Jeep or I didn't tighten it enough.

But maybe I am just stronger than I thought. It should be an easy fix. I could use some blue loctite or even drill into the shaft and get a longer set screw. I will keep you posted on my solution.

Tomorrow I'll share with you how using my new Kodak PixPro 360 went. 

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