Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mud Flap Review

Last September, I took an off-road instruction class. There was a Jeep in front of me with stock Jeep mud flaps. I cringed every time she drove over the rocks. You could see and hear the mud flaps scraping the rocks. At any moment I expected them to get torn off. 

I wondered why she just didn't take them off. Later I learned that there are some states with mud flaps laws even for Jeeps. 

Well the stock mud flaps are no good out on the trails. 

But, what does one do if their state requires their Jeep to have mud flaps, and you want to go off-roading? has the answer with their Quick Disconnect Mud Flaps for the 2007- 15 Jeep Wranglers. They sent me out a pair of these Jeep Accessories to try out on my Jeep.

My Jeep Parts came well packaged with two splash guards, all the necessary hardware, and a sturdy bag to carry the mud flaps when disconnected.  

The install was pretty simple and quick. The only tooIs I needed were a 5/8" socket and ratchet, and screw driver. 

First, I attached the two flap mounting brackets with the washers, nuts and screws that came with the kit.

Then I located the bracket that attaches the rear bumper to
the frame. I removed the two bolts on the bumper.

Then I inserted the hard mount with mud flap between the bracket and the bumper. Then it was time to tightened up the stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited bolts.

Easy Peasy!!!

Now, when I want to get off-road and tear it up, all I need to do is a quick pull of the pin, and off come the splash guards. I can store them in the handy bag provided.

Now, Maryland does not require Jeeps to have splash guards, but I will carry mine with me. You never know when I will want to get a little muddy. The splash guards will come in handy for that muddy ride home, and I won't worry about getting the cars behind me all dirty or taking out a windshield from a rock.     

The GRD Quick Disconnect Mud Flaps Kit - $89.99

    • 2 Mudflaps (Fits Back Wheels) (Can Fit Front With Modification)
    • 2 Mount Brackets
    • 2 Flap Brackets
    • 3 Clips
    • 6 Washers
    • 6 Bolts
    • 6 Lock Washer
    • 6 Nuts
    • 1 Jeeps Mud Flap Storage Carrying Bag

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I received my mud flaps from review. No additional compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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