Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeep Parts Revealed

Not just one big brown box of Jeep Parts, I received two boxes from the Big Brown Truck. It has been a long wait. The part I wanted was out of stock. Now Extreme finally has one in stock and they shipped it out to me. 

What is in the box you ask... well it matches my 

Barricade Trailforce HD front bumper.

 You guessed it - the Barricade Trail Force HD Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier 

Rock Crawler rear bumper (110 lbs) with tire carrier (48 lbs) 
Heavy duty 3/16" steel and 2" x 0.120" tubing
2" standard hitch receiver
Can accommodate up to a 37" tire
High strength D-Ring mounts w/ D-Rings included
Two stage textured black powder coat finish
Fits 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK
3 Year Limited Warranty

My hopes are to get it installed next weekend because on Saturday I will be running in a 5 to 7 mile muddy, obstacle course, run - Mudderella. Then my plans were to head up to Rausch Creek on Sunday for a little time on the trails. Unfortunately my plans for Sunday are shot because of a little light on my dashboard. 

Coming home from running some errands yesterday, my Jeep was dinging and dinging, and the lights on the dash board where flashing. Then my speedometer needle quickly dropped from 50 mph to 20 mph then back up. Then my ESC indicator light stayed on. 

Checking out my newly acquired manual, it states a malfunction in my ESC system has been detected. The ESC is the Electronic Stabiity Control - senses when you begin to over- or under-steer and applies individual brakes and controls your throttle as needed to help put you back on track. 

Well after much research, this illuminated light could be many things -- the steering wheel isn't perfectly centered, a wheel sensor could be dirty or damaged, wires could be damaged, or a bad unit bearing. 

So Monday morning I will be heading up to the Jeep service Center to get it checked out. Even though the light NOW is NOT illuminated. I will still get it looked at. Then hopefully it will be an easy fix so I can get to installing my new Jeep Parts. Then it is off to planning my next Jeep Part selection. Hmmmm... Wonder what will be in store... more lights? bigger tires? a lift? more purple accents?

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