Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ABC's of my Jeep

Last week I realized pumping my brakes is not a good thing considering my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is equipped with ABS. ABS is anti-lock brake system. Pumping my brakes when I lose traction on the ice is ingrained in my driving methods, as I grew up in Minnesota and North Dakota. Now, I will have to reprogram my driving instincts on the ice and snow. 

Since this realization came to life, I began to wonder if this ABS will affect my off-roading. After a little research, I uncovered a few more ABC's dealing with my Jeep Wrangler. Now I am trying to sort out this alphabet soup. 

With my past vehicles all these ABC's never really mattered to me as my vehicle was just a means to transport me from point A to point B. Plus my vehicles didn't even have any of these fancy computer systems. But with my Jeep Wrangler, it is all about -- everything Jeep. So I am learning my Jeep ABC's and the in's and out's of these ABC's.

I chatted online with a Jeep representative about some of my questions. ABS is a safety feature and cannot be turned off nor does it turn off while in 4WD.  -- 4WD = 4 wheel drive  --
However, from my understanding while in 4lo this feature most likely would not engage because the Jeep is traveling less than 12 mph. The ABS will conduct a low speed test at this speed. 

Now here are a few other Jeep ABS's... ESC, ERM, TCS, BAS & BLD. It is a good thing the Jeep Representative mailed out the 700 page Jeep manual. My user's guide is only about 10% of that. I am excited to read more about my Jeep to get a better understanding how all these systems work and work together.

What I do know is the ESC & ERM  are safety and security features in my Jeep. The others I will have to read up a little bit more. 

ESC = Electronic Stability Control

senses when you begin to over- or under-steer and applies individual brakes and controls your throttle as needed to help put you back on track.

ERM = Electronic Roll Mitigation
Determines when a rollover may occur and applies braking force to hlep reduce the likelihood of such an accident. 

TCS= Traction Control System

BLD= Brake Limited Differential

BAS=Brake Assist System 

It is a good thing those Jeep manuals arrived today because I still need to understand all these fancy computer systems. Well, I have got some reading to do. I will let you know what I find out. 

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