Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Defending The Wrangler

My beloved Jeep Wrangler is in the news again, and guess what? Some not so good comments. Autoomobile.com reports the 2015 Jeep Wrangler could have been better.
The article states this Wrangler is far from perfect, but has a ton of new and improved features. Then it goes on to state the flaws, and lists the flaws, but NOT the improved features. 

Now... I was in television news for 13 years, and I was always taught to present both sides of the story fairly. I do not see both sides to the story in this article. 
The author of the article lists the flaws, but does not list the ton of new and improved features. Where is the fair and impartial reporting?
The article goes on to state... 
... Jeep really needs to do something about the Wrangler’s braking feature. Off the road, the Wrangler brakes like a world class car but on the tarmacs, the SUV has trouble with its high inertia.
Who in the world needs to drive on the tarmac? I don't see the Presidential vehicle becoming a Jeep anytime soon.
"Jeep needs to come up with an alternative driving platform so that whenever the Wrangler is not engaged in 4WD mode, it can handle the bends with ease."
It is my understanding this is what the safety features ERM (Electronic Roll Mitigation) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) are for. 
"Comfort too could have been better....Perhaps, Jeep should learn from the latest Ford Edge..."
I wanted a Jeep NOT a Ford... Jeep is the World Class Off Road Vehicle. I do not expect comfort while I am bouncing around the rocks on the Rubicon Trail or even at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park .
It is my belief that a reporter's job is to present the facts -- all the facts, fairly -- and the facts should be presented in context. 
I would not report that the apple leaves much to be desired as a fruit, complaining about the lack of that citrusy orange taste, or the fact the peel is not thick enough.
The Jeep may not be perfect, but what vehicle is? The least this author could do is present a fair and just list of all the pros and cons, and in the proper context. 
This article is a little more fair and impartial!
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a final note, the Wrangler scored good in various crash test. This needs to be upgraded as good is no longer enough in today’s automotive requirement.

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