Wednesday, August 12, 2015

50 Before 50: #3 Check

I had a really nice surprise on my birthday. Some of my friends got together to help me celebrate. It was going to be a night of drinking wine, and just hanging out on the back porch.

When I arrived at my party my friends had a little surprise waiting for me. They had all the makings for my birthday cake, and I was going to make it myself from scratch with a little guidance from them. So we got started. 

I did some measuring, whisking, pouring, chopping and mixing. The cake was a chocolate cake with a cup of coffee, chopped chocolate, cocoa and mayonnaise in it. 

I also mixed up the chocolate icing from scratch.  Then iced my own birthday cake. 

This was my first time making a cake from scratch. For years I stayed clear of baking anything from scratch. My baking self esteem skills were pretty much on the low side ever since my attempts in Home Economics class in Junior High. My muffins were a big fail as I added 1 tablespoon of baking soda instead of 1 teaspoon.  
Once the cake was iced and decorated with sliced fresh strawberries we dug in.  It was very moist and chocolaty.  Pretty good for my first home-made cake.

I was very touched by the thoughtfulness of my friends. I am so blessed and thankful to have found such a great group of friends. 

Now I can check off #3 from my 50 before 50 list. 48 items left to go and 363 days to go. 

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