Tuesday, August 4, 2015

50 Before 50

It is less than one week until my birthday. This birthday is going to be a tough one for me. One year until the big 5 - 0. I thought 30 was a tough one, not being married and no kids. Well, now I'm married and have two wonderful boys.

But now I am -- and have been for the past 3 years -- freaking out a little -- just a little. To help keep myself distracted, I decided I'm going to have a 50 before 50 list. 

A year isn't really a long time, so this list is a smaller version of my bucket list. 

My bucket list requires saving up money, and lots of planning
for vacations. It's a fun expensive experience list. With my "50 Before 50" list, I will stick with smaller items. Things I haven't done. Some are everyday items everyday people have done. When folks hear I haven't done that, or tried that, I get the reaction -- WHAT? You haven't...

So here goes -- My list of 50 things to do before I turn 50. 

50 Before 50 List

In no particular order

1.  Write a book and send it to publishers 
2.   Try  Sushi
3.   Bake a cake from scratch 
4.   Get another tattoo
5.   Donate a pint of blood 
6.   Go to Karaoke Night
7.   Visit Wells, Maine -- the town my ancestors settled
8.   Buy shares in a company
9.   Go on a haunted Ghost Tour
10. Eat a new vegetable
11. Watch The Godfather trilogy 
12. Watch Gone with the Wind
13. Ride a scenic Train in West Virginia 
14. Get a Facial 
15. Go Dancing
16. Do a good deed... Pay it forward
17. Meet an online friend in person
18. Add purple highlights to my hair

19. Make a loaf of bread from scratch
20. Pay for a stranger's lunch
21. Buy my first power tool for myself
22. Try a Float Spa
23. Girl's Overnight trip
24. Go 24 hours without technology
25. Buy a lottery ticket 
26. Remove the carpet in the living room
27. Tape some change to a parking meter
28. Visit the National Gallery of Art 
29. Eat at Good Stuff Eatery 
30. Finish a novel required in high school I didn't finish
31. Grow an indoor Herb Garden
32. Buy a coffee table for our living room
33. Cook something with Truffle oil
34. Wear my hair in a braid
35. Drink a glass of Brandy
36. Get a bikini wax
37. Take a Yoga class at my gym
38. Take a pole dancing class 
39. Get a Slurpee from 7-11
40. Try a Moon Pie
41. See the Cherry Blossom's in bloom in DC
42. Start a fire without matches
43. Learn how to tie a man's tie
44. Name a star after myself
45. Take a 10 mile bike ride
46.  Lose 10 pounds
47.  Buy a dress to wear as an everyday dress 
48.  Watch a TED talk on you tube
49.  Send a random gift to a random online friend
50. Make a no bean chili

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