Monday, August 3, 2015


I bought my first Jeep Wrangler a little over two years ago. That fateful Memorial Day was the start of a new era for myself. I began to realize how quickly my life was passing me by, and I just sat there watching it. 

The first time I put the top down and let the wind and sunshine in, it opened up a whole new world I was ready to tackle. My Jeep Wrangler enlightened my outlook, and injected me with a new sense of adventure. There are so many adventures I want to take, sights I want to see, and experiences I want to tackle. 

As a mom with a family, sometimes it can be hard to get all those wanted adventures in. We all want and enjoy different things, so compromises must be made. 

So when I get a chance to check off one of those adventures, I take it. 

A little over a week ago myself and a some of my BFF's hit the muddy trails and conquered some obstacles. We woke up early Saturday morning to run in the Mudderella.  It is a five mile run with about ten obstacles.

However, this race was not as challenging as the Warrior Dash I ran back in 2014. It was not as muddy as I would have liked either, but it was still a great time with my friends. 

Completing this race was a great sense of accomplishment to know I still have that ability. I felt empowered and ready to take on my next challenge for myself. These little adventures keep me going, and keep me from watching my life pass me by.

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