Tuesday, September 8, 2015

50 Before 50: #40 Check

I don't  have a big sweet tooth, never have. I'm more of a salty snack person. Therefore, when I run into a convenience store to get a quick snack, it is usually a bag of chips or popcorn.

The reason behind my 50 Before 50  list is to do and try those simple every day things most people have done. I figured trying a Moonpie would be one of those things. 

So the day I went and checked off Try a Slurpee -- Yeah I know it only took me 49 years to try one. 

Okay...back to Moonpies... 

...so the day I went into 7-11 to try my Slurpee, I went looking for a Moonpie. They didn't sell them. I was worried I had my work cut out for me trying to track one down. 

To my surprise, while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina this summer, we came across a whole store filled with Moonpies.

This store sold hundreds of them in a variety of flavors and sizes. Not only that, they sold Moonpie merchandise.

I decided to go with each flavor, but the mini version -- chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry.  In case you don't know... a Moonpie is two graham cookie cakes with a marshmellow middle coated with a chocolate (or vanilla, banana or strawberry coating).  

They were invented in 1917 when a coal miner asked a baker for a snack the size of the moon. More about Moonpie...

Finally, the day came for me to try this tasty treat. I set all the Moonpies out on the table, and got ready to sink my teeth down into the yummy morsel. I bit into the chocolate one first, I even gave it two bites. As you can tell by the picture, I did not like it. 

I gave the others a try, banana first. Initially the banana flavor wasn't too bad.  

But once I got into chewing, I couldn't anymore and had to spit it out.

Well, I tried a Moonpie once... well four times to be exact.
I think I will stick to my salty popcorn and chips. 

     - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! -

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