Tuesday, October 13, 2015

50 Before 50: #23 & #47 Check

When my dad's sister died recently, I began to realize how short life can be. My aunt and her daughters would take little getaway trips. I found my sisters, mom and I hadn't done that. Knowing how quickly things can change we all got together for our first weekend getaway. We headed up the North Shore of Lake Superior for a little shopping and taking in the sites of the beautiful fall landscape. 

Checking off #23 of my 50 Before 50 List I decided that wouldn't be my last girl's weekend getaway. There are plans in the works for more of these with my sisters, mom and even my good friends. 

While on this trip I was able to make it a two for one. Since my sisters love to shop, me not so much, I was able to find a great summer "wear everyday" dress. I am looking forward to the warm summer temperatures so I can break out my new dress and feel like a girly girl. 

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