Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Evap Canister Dilemma Solved

At the begining of the month I was unsure what I should do about my evap canister -- relocate it, leave it as is with the stock skid, or get a tougher skid plate to cover it. 

I reached out to my fellow Jeepers and got quite a few suggestions. Many suggestions for skid plates were shared as well as the many re-location kits for the evap canister so I could do the work myself. Adams Jeep of Maryland -- Adams Xtreme Motorsports also said they could do the re-location. Then several folks who wheel at Rausch Creek Off Road Park said to leave it. Most have never had any issues with scraping or hitting any rocks. 

So I got under my Jeep and checked out my Evap Canister. It looks brand new minus all the coal dust that has settled on it. The coal dust is from all the many wheelin' trips I have made at Rausch Creek. 

If you have watched any of my YouTube videos from those trips you know I have a lot of bumping and scraping going on underneath my Jeep. Not one little scratch on that stock evap canister skid. 

Now I could just leave it with the stock skid and I am sure it will do just fine. But with my luck, which tends to be on the unlucky side, I decided to go with an aftermarket skid for the evap canister. Now it will be time to hit the internet and shop around for some Jeep Parts! Yipee!!!

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