Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jeep Parts Coming!

"Your order has been shipped." 

I love getting those emails. I think that is why I was so happy yesterday. Extreme Terrain sent me that exact email yesterday. I bet you are all wondering what it is I ordered. Of course I really want a lift and bigger tires, but I feel the right path for my next modification is to fortify the underbelly of my Jeep. 

So I ordered a skid plate.  M.O.R.E. Oil/transmission skid plate

Right now my Rubicon has stock skid plates on the gas tank and the transfer case. As you can see they get a good work out from my off-roading trips to Rausch Creek Off Road Park. There is also a cover on my evap canister. The oil pan and transmission are naked, so I need to cover them up.  

There were several reasons for purchasing this skid plate.

I had a $140 coupon code from Extreme Terrain. I received this for writing up an installation guide for the Barricade Adjustable Brake Light w/LED Light I bought. 

This skid is simple and easy to install, mostly bolt on and some drilling. I don't have a lot of tools nor the background in auto mechanics for complicated installs, so I am always looking for simple & easy, but durable.

Another factor is weight. I don't want to add too much weight to my Jeep. This skid weighs 50 pounds and covers the oil pan, transmission case and parts of the Exhaust system. 


That's my motto in life for pretty much everything. 

My problem...

I have a bulging disc and have been in constant pain for two months. I finally found some relief with an injection in my spine and some nerve pain medication. However, my disc is still at risk so I must be careful with every thing I do. 

I have two choices... 

Wait to install my skid plate until my back heals, which could be months down the road. Or I can host my own "Wrenching Party". The problem is I don't know any fellow Jeepers in my area. But.... one of my son's friends dad is really into working on cars. AND... I just found out he is working on his daughters Jeep. So I will give them a call to see if he can help me out.  

In the meantime I will be sitting at my mailbox waiting for the Big Brown Truck! 

- Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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