Tuesday, December 1, 2015

50 Before 50: #15 & #23 Checked

Just because I am a mom, and a mom getting ready to turn 50 doesn't mean my "party" days are over. I can still go out and enjoy my time with my girlfriends. Sadly, I will admit, I didn't make that kind of time when I first became a mom over 16 years ago, which is why I decided to add the "getaway" to my 50 before 50 list. 

There should be a healthy balance of giving your time to your family and making time for yourself to re-energize. This not only applies to moms, but dads too. Fortunately, it is never to late to make time for yourself, and do the things you enjoy. 

That is just what I did - took some time for myself to re-energize. Three of my busy mom friends and I headed to downtown DC #StayDC for a short weekend getaway. We checked into the Washington Marriot at Metro Center, uncorked a bottle of champagne, and our 24 hours of fun began.   

While we waited for our table at Tico DC we decided to head over to The Gibson. This cool yet sophisticated speakeasy style bar and lounge is cleverly hidden just like in the Prohibition Era. 

I went for the "Domesticated Me", quite fitting for the evening. It is a wine spritzer with white wine Cocchi Rosa, Yellow Chartreuse, and orange bitters, not your typical drink, but quite tasty -- fruitiness with a balance of sour and bitter.  

Once dinner was complete it was time to work off those calories. We headed to Cafe Saint-Ex for a night of real dancing. The last time I hit a dance floor was -- well...let's just say it was way before my mom days began. The DJ began spinning tunes they called "Oldies" -- songs I grew up listening too.  

We finally had enough of a work out on the dance floor and headed back upstairs to sit back and relax for one more cocktail. A very surreal moment as I sat and watched all the patrons drinking and chatting realizing how much time has gone by and that life is too short to sit around and wait for it to happen.

The next morning after sleeping in until 8am we headed downstairs to the hotel's restaurant for some much needed breakfast omelets, my all-time favorite.

What a great 24 hours with some great friends.  Definitely not a one time outing. There will be plenty more to come as I realized sitting at the Cafe Saint-Ex drinking my glass of red wine that life goes by way to fast to sit around letting it go by.

Jeep Momma's 50 Before 50 list -- Check #23 Girl's Overnight Trip & #15 Go Dancing. 

           - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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