Wednesday, December 2, 2015

50 Before 50: #6 & #46 Check

My #50before50 list helps me deal with my upcoming birthday in August. My list reminds me that I am only as old as I feel, and I certainly don't feel 50. Well... sometimes I feel old when my body aches, but in my head I still feel young!  

This past month I checked off #6 -- Karaoke Night. I helped my friend celebrate her birthday with a night of karaoke at her party. This is always a fun time, and I plan on doing it again.  

#46 on my list is to lose 10 pounds. This was quite easy this time because of my back pain I hardly ate. So I will have to up this to try and lose another 10. 

Eight months to go until the big five Oh and I have 35 more to check off my list.  

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