Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jeep Momma Scoop

I am so thankful to my neighbor, fellow blogger and BFF -- A Parent in America. Jessica suggested, back when I bought my first Jeep, to start a blog. I love it! Blogging has turned out to be my passion in so many ways which also includes my Jeep and off roading as they are all intertwined. 

Because of my blog, I have joined several social media sites to help promote my blog. Through those sites I have met several fellow Jeepers from all over the world.

It is such a great community to be part of with folks who understand the love and joy the Jeep can bring to you.   

My blog has opened up so many doors to some really awesome opportunities like joining the podcast The Jeep Talk Show. I have a blast every Thursday night with Tony and Josh as we record our weekly podcast. 

It is through the Jeep Talk Show that I met Chris from JeepsNeeds. I met up with Chris for an interview and demonstration of a new product called the DLA. The DLA, D-lift Adaptor, is a device that will connect your hi lift jack to the Jeep to make it so much safer to jack up your Jeep.

The first demonstration didn't go to well. We were using my Warn D-ring I received from Jeep when I traded my Sahara for my 2015 Rubicon.

Chris took the DLA back to the guys at JeepsNeeds and they did a few modifications to the product. During my second interview with Chris here is what he had to say about our first meet up.  Click here for the sound bite 

The second interview and demonstration was a huge success. On this Thursday's live recording of the Jeep Talk Show podcast I will be sharing with Tony and Josh my interview and experience with the DLA. DON'T MISS IT! 
go to at 11pm Eastern time this Thursday for the live recording of the podcast. You can even join me in the chat room.
Then Friday I will be posting the longer version of the interview and demonstration on my You Tube Channel.

It is so fulfilling for me to be a part of so many amazing Jeep experiences whether directly or indirectly. Being able to "scoop" all other news groups and bloggers with the exclusive interview and demonstration with Chris from JeepsNeeds was a great feeling. And then to indirectly help make this great product even greater is awesome. 

There have been so many cool things I have been a part of like the many, many off-roading trips, one of my favorites being able to drive the Clayton Off Road Jeep.

Then my chance to be part of one of the first to try out another new great product the Griffin the steering attenuator by Steer Smarts.

I could go one and on and share all the great memories. I am so blessed to have finally found my passion in my Jeep. I love off-roading, inter-acting with all my online friends, joining Tony and Josh every week, and now getting my hands back into my love for news by interviewing and editing stories. 

Tomorrow I plan on reviewing the D-Link Adaptor by JeepsNeeds. 

                                 - Simple Living! -
                                                            - Enjoying Life! 
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