Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CB Mounted

Christmas of 2014 one of my many Jeep gifts was a Cobra 25 LTD Classic CB radio. I installed it shortly after.... kind of.

I just wasn't sure where I wanted to put my CB. There is not a whole lot of wiggle room in the Jeep Wrangler. I have used my CB on several off-roading trips, but it sits in my passenger seat. I don't have it hard wired either, since I wasn't quite sure where I wanted it. So I just plug it into the "cigarette Lighter". 

You know... I just realized, my Jeep doesn't have an ash tray nor the cigarette lighter. How things change. Anyway back to my CB...

While perusing the Jeep forums, I ran across a fellow Jeeper who installed their CB using the Rugged Ridge CB mount. I liked the look of this mount and purchased it. It was super easy to install, and the CB is not in anyone's way. It mounts right above the rear-view mirror, and has a holder for the mic. 

First... I removed the center portion of the plastic windshield frame. This was easy. I just needed to gently pull down until the clips released. 

Then... I removed the center footman loop. Once the footman loop was removed, I attached the mount. Then added the footman loop over the mount. I used the factory Torx screws to install the mount.

I decided to add to holes to the mount in the center for a more secure mount for my CB, since it is a bigger CB. My only complaint is my CB is a little long. Maybe some day I'll trade it for a smaller one. 

The exciting part about this was I got to use my new drill I bought as part of one of my 50 Before 50 goals. I actually got to drill holes instead of just using it as a screwdriver. Can you believe I made it almost 50 years and never ever drilled a hole.

Now I need to wait for the weather to warm up so I can finish the wiring. It is way to cold out there, even my rear windows are still not zippered back on because it is too cold to go outside to zipper them back on.

Hopefully today will warm up to 40 so I can get my window back onto my Jeep. 

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