Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jeep Tips

On the Jeep Talk Show podcast the other week, I was sharing my SpiderWebShade install with my co-hosts Tony and Josh. I mentioned how one Jeeper stores blankets in between his shade and the soft top. Josh said this is a cool Jeep Tip. So was born my Jeep Tips page

One of my favorite tips is the Jeep Badge of Honor app. Although I haven't been able to use it yet, I can't wait to try it out on my next off-roading trip.  

Once you download this app to your phone you can begin to earn badges when you hit the trails. Unfortunately, there are only a specific set of trails you can wheel that will earn you the badges. 

Luckily for me, there are three at Rausch Creek Off Road Park, which is where I wheel. So the next time I head up there, I will be wheeling trail 11 which is a green trail. Then I will hit Crawler's Ridge which is a blue trail. I can't wait!

My Jeep Tips page will consist of cool Jeep Tips. So please share your Jeep Tips with me! Here are some other Jeep tips I found online. 

51 Cheap Tips and Tricks - 4 Wheeler Network 

1st Time Off-roading Tips - Jeeping-The Fun Times Guide

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