Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mom duties vs. Jeep Fun

When I first started my Jeep blog, I was going through a mid life identity struggle. I am a stay at home mom and about three years ago I began to struggle with myself and my happiness. My two boys are getting older and don't depend on "mommy care" as much. With both of them at school, and not needing me like when they were younger, I began to wonder what was next for myself. 

My career in television news was over, and it has been 15 years since I was in the business. A business that has changed dramatically over time with the advancement of technology. Plus, the hours were not something I wanted to manage with my family commitment still my number one priority. 

As I began to blog, the process of self discovery unfolded. I uncovered long lost passions, and discovered a new passion. Combining all these passions, I found a balance of happiness. My passion for my Jeep, writing and photography combined with the joy of my mommy role has balanced me out. 

Now comes the balance of "me time" vs "mommy time". Another struggle I face each day. If I could, I would be out on the trails every weekend, but that would be selfish. My kids are involved in many things they enjoy such as basketball, soccer, and Scouts. As a family we work
towards a happy equal balance, so everyone gets to participate in the things they love. It is a great teaching moment to show my boys how to self-sacrifice, and to take turns doing the things we each enjoy. They also have come to understand it's okay to go out and do things we love without each other knowing at the end of the day we will be together. 

With basketball in full swing it is my turn to wait. The good news is my youngest has decided to take a sports season off which means I should be able to hit the trails a lot more come this Spring. 

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