Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Back On Track

Sometimes we get off track for many reasons. Recently I got off track on my new journey in life. For me, it was severe nerve pain that turned out to be a bulging disc. I was barely able to maintain simple tasks at home. For 4 months I dealt wit the pain, and now I am able to manage the pain with medicine and exercise.

Time flies by way too fast. We can not ever get that time back. Getting all wrapped up in the unimportant things, we do not see what is truly important. Falling prey to the 24 hour chaotic lifestyle means missing out on life's greatest gifts - quality family time, personal happiness and healthy living.

That was the track of my new journey in life. To help me get back on the track I revisited my goals. SO I created a few new pages on my blog to share with you how I went about changing my life back in 2013. The first change I made was my Jeep which inspired all my other changes. Hopefully this will help me to get back on the right track in my journey. 

Getting back on my track -- live simply, get healthy, find my new passion and enjoy my life.

Exercise Six days a week  
Muscle strengthening & toning
Cardio Workouts
Core exercises

Clean Eating
Simple, Clean, Healthy Foods
Eliminate the Chemicals
Splurge once in a while

Reduce Stress
Cutdown activities
Reduce Clutter
More Sleep

My Life
My Family
My Friends

- Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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