Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soft Top Vinyl Window Struggles

I noticed the other day my soft top side window was coming out of the door frame. I have had this problem before so I went searching to see if others had the problem as well. I am not the only one with this issue.  The door rail retainer can be tricky to fully seat into the door frame. You just can't hold it into place with closing the door. Below are some steps I found that can help properly attach the side vinyl windows to your Jeep.    

Take the top rear corner of the soft top window and place it
with the Velcro that runs top to bottom. This will hold it in place while you attached the zipper. Only zip it two inches. Then tuck the door rail retainer into the door rail fully seated and properly positioned on the door frame. Then tuck the body side retainer (bottom of the window)  into place starting at the front. Then zip up the window and secure with the Velcro. 

What does fully seated and properly positioned mean?

The plastic piece must be folded into the groove of the door frame. To do this you need to pull the window to get the plastic piece to fully seat into the groove then push it into place. This must be started at the top working your way down the window. You will know the window is fully seated if it remains in place without the door holding it in place. 

I also found trying to do this in the cold weather makes it more difficult because the soft top seems to "shrink up" in the colder weather. See my Jeep Tip #7

If you have any great Jeep Tip or Tricks please share them! 

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