Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buying More Jeep Stuff

As you know I had tickets for the AC/DC concert on March 17th. Sadly, they had to cancel the rest of the US Tour. I was really bummed because they are my favorite band of all time, and I have never seen them live. However, I was refunded the money for the tickets I purchased. Whoo-hoo -- it was kinda like getting free money. 

So I decided to buy myself a present. But I wasn't sure what I wanted until I saw this video.  
    MOLLE Tailgate Cover install

After watching CPO's video I headed over to Justice Offroad and bought the Molle (pronounced Molly like the name) Tailgate Storage Panel Kit.

A heavy duty "Mil-Spec" Molle Panel designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU Tailgate. This Molle panel is triple stiched heavy duty fabric made to military Type 111 specifications right here on the East Coast. There are 8 mounting points so the panel will not sage when mounted properly. 

I also ordered the Condor, the large Molle utility pouch. I am using this bag as my first aid kit.

I then headed over to Blue Ridge Overland Gear to try out their pouches. Dan Cole from The 4X4 podcast swears by this gear. So I thought I would give both a try since they both have great reviews from two friends. 

I purchased three more pouches from Blue Ridge. The small and medium hook pouches, and the small Molle pouch.

I spent a couple of hours re-organizing my Jeep and moving all my "stuff" into the pouches. Both sets from both companies are very well made and durable. I love all the different sizes. The smaller Molle bag works great for my tire deflators and electronic tire gauge. 

The smaller hook bag works perfect for all my band aids. I can also velcro this bag right onto the Condor bag which I am using as a first aid kit. Now I don't need to go digging for band aids. I can just pull off the small hook bag and get right to them.

 Now I just need to set up a install "party" with my friend Chris so I can properly install the Molle panel. I am a little bit nervous about drilling holes into my Jeep. 

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