Tuesday, March 22, 2016

50 Before 50: #8 Check

Finally a free weekend!! 

Saturday I was finally able to find some free time, so I headed to Rausch Creek Off Road park for a little Jeep Mom time on the trails.

I met up with some folks from the Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance, a Jeep Club I belong too. They are always a great group to wheel with. I have wheeled with them in the past. They are patient and don't pressure you to do trails you feel might be too difficult for your Jeep. They also are great teachers and awesome spotters! 

This time I had an agenda.

I wanted to wheel trail 11, a more difficult green trail. This trail is also one of the trails in the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Everyone in my group was game, so we all downloaded the app. Then checked in to Trail 11 on our phones. 

The trail was more difficult than I expected. But it was definitely doable for a stock (clearance wise) Jeep.

There were portions of the trail that had a by-pass around some of the more difficult spots. As you can see from the videos I persevered and took the more difficult path. In my group I was the only one still at stock height. That seems to be the case most of the time.  Some day I hope my Jeep will grow and gain more clearance. 

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