Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jeep Mom Life Changes

For the past two years I have been applying for job after job after job. Out of about 100 jobs applied for, I only received two call backs. One of those was an interview. Obviously I did not get either of those jobs. There loss!!!

The job search became very depressing. I started to doubt myself, and wonder if I would ever be able to find a job that would be more than a minimum wage job. 

Finally, about two weeks ago I received a call. A friend suggested I would be a perfect fit for a position in an elevator design company. I went to check it out, and now I am a full-time working mom. Check Off #33 50 Before 50 List

After 16 years of staying home to raise my boys I begin a new life adventure. I am excited to start this journey. This position as an office manager/Asst. Project Manager is the perfect job for my skill set and my love for organization. 

However, it will be an adjustment for my family and for me an adjustment of balancing going back to work and continuing my mom job, and continuing my "Jeep life". 

I look forward to this new adventure! Now I can stop selling my kids' Legos for Jeep parts. 

- Enjoying Life! Simple Living! - 
   - The Jeep Momma Way -

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