Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jeep Wrangler Unique Interior

As I save money and do research for my lift and bigger tires for the Jeep, I struggle with not "working" on my Jeep each weekend. So it's nice when I get quick, inexpensive ideas from other Jeepers. This past weekend as I was washing my Jeep... YES I WASH MY JEEP. After a winter of harsh road salt I needed to wash it all off to protect my Jeep... 

Okay, back to this past weekend, as I was washing my Jeep... I decided to break out my "Jeep" Tools and take off the plastic silver door accents.  

It is super easy to do. The special Jeep Torx Screwdriver, which I received free when I bought my Rubicon, works on all the special screws on the Jeep Wrangler. I used it when I attached my off road lights to the A pillar. 

AMAZON: Jeep Torx Screwdriver for Hard Top & Door Removal

Then I spray painted them -- guess what color?  Yep, you guessed it Purple. I just did one to see how it looks, and how easy it would be. So it looks like this weekend I will finish the other three doors. Then I will move onto the air vents.  

This was a fun, quick, and easy Jeep project. I just hope I painted them right. I guess time will tell. As for the removal of the air vents, again it looks like a simple and easy process. I found this you tube video on the air vent removal. I hope it is easy as the video shows. I will keep you posted.  

AC Vent Removal, 2011+ Jeep Wranglers - You Tube Video 

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