Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Molle Panel Install

I am running out of things to do to keep me busy while I wait
for my Jeep Wrangler parts to arrive. I called the Extreme Shop on Monday, and was told hopefully my lift will ship on Friday! Fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, I am trying to find little things to satisfy my Jeep Parts fix. So today... with the help of a co-worker, I installed my Molle Panel. 

The cool thing about where I work is all the tools we have. The directions called for a step drill bit or a 13/32" drill bit, and a center punch. All of which I don't have. Luckily these tools were at my disposal at work. 


The Justice Off Road folks do provide a Rivnut Installation Tool, but I didn't need it because at my shop we have our own Rivnut tool (I am not sure what it's called). However, I did not have the hand strength to use it. So I had to call in extra muscle.

Installing this Molle panel was fun for me because I drilled my first hole into my Jeep, well eight holes. It was a pretty easy project. Now I can't wait to hook up all my Molle bags.   

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