Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Amazing Meet Up

Girls Weekend Getaway

During my vacation along the coast of Maine, my sister, niece and I decided to hike the trails at Acadia National Park. 

This National Park has the most spectacular views. Acadia is right next door to Bar Harbor, Maine. It is a mountain that sits along the coast with a shoreline etched with rocky cliffs. 

My niece likes to push the envelope and heads out to the edges of the rocky shoreline. There were times I would have to yell at her to get back because my heart couldn't handle it. 

Once we hit Thunderhole, a little inlet where the waves crash into the rocks, the three of us got separated. My sister was at the bottom of the stairs, as I was still at the top. My sister let out a yell. I looked around for my niece fearing she fell in. I couldn't find her. I then looked to my sister who was standing next to this man. She yelled out -- "Uncle Wally".  

OMG!!! It was my mom's brother and his wife who live in California. They just happened to be hiking in the park as well. What are the odds? It was the most amazing random meet up I have ever had. I hadn't seen them in over 20 years.

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