Wednesday, June 15, 2016

50 Before 50: #22 Check

My 50 Before 50 list is slowly dwindling to nothing which means my 50th is getting closer and closer. I am happy to announce I was able to check another one off the list. 

Now that my Jeep is lifted I feel more confident to tackle those tougher trails. While taking the 301 driving course with Off Road Consulting I checked in with the Jeep Badge of Honor program and wheeled Crawler's Ridge. I even took the tougher part of the hill! 

Crawler's Ridge at Rausch Creek -- A Jeep Momma Video

It was a great experience to climb up the rock ladders and to start using the tools I was taught. However, the pictures nor video do the trail justice to show how difficult the trail is. The real question will be can I do these trails again with out Kyle's support and guidance.  

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