Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What's Next for My Jeep?

I finally sold my stock Rubicon tires for $500 after lowering the price by $200 the second time around. I was pleased with the sale, and happy another Jeeper will get many miles of enjoyment from them. 

Now the next task at hand -- what to do to my Jeep. Most of my friends don't understand this need I have to constantly be on the look out for something to buy for my Jeep, or do to my Jeep. A couple of years back I would have probably thought the same thing. But the moment I drove my first Jeep off the lot, I was bitten by the bug, then became infected with Jeep Fever. 

With the proceeds from the tire sale burning a hole in my pocket, I have scoured the internet for ideas. Don't get me wrong, I don't need ideas on what to buy for my Jeep - that list is endless - I am investigating what would be the next most sensible purchase for my Jeep's needs. 

After checking over my Jeep after my last wheeling trip, it was noted the undercarriage was scraped and banged up. This was from my many trips wheeling stock. Now that my Jeep is lifted you would think I wouldn't need to worry about the undercarriage, but that would be wrong. So, I will continue the fortification. 

I am looking to purchase much tougher diff covers. Not only will this beef up my Jeep's belly, but I will have the opportunity to add some more purple to the Jeep. 

It looks like I will be going with Riddler.

Several fellow Jeepers have suggested them. They are supposed to be one of the strongest Dana 44 covers on the market. Plus, with the lip free smooth transition, I won't need to worry about the protruding lip grabbing onto a rock.

The Riddlers are on sale for about $100 each which leaves me with enough money to celebrate my 50th birthday with Def Leppard and REO Speedwagon! 

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