Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Color Accent Addition

How to add another colored accent to your Jeep in 7 simple steps.

1. Open Your Hood 

2. Lift the Tabs Holding Down the Material Under Your Hood. 

3. Remove the Necessary Plastic Tabs To Get At the Washer Nut Combo of the Hood Windshield Hold Down Bracket or Footman Loop.

TIP 1: You might need a pliers to help pull out the plastic tabs.

TIP 2: I like to find a special spot to put my hardware when I am working on my Jeep. This prevents me from loosing important pieces. 

4. Using a 9mm Socket, Remove the Two Washer Nut Combos From the Screws of the Footman Loop.

5. Remove the Loop and Tape Up the Parts You Don't Want Colored. 

6. Spray the Footmans Loop With a Spray Paint Meant for 

7.  Re-Attach the Footman Loop and Plastic tabs. 

TIP 3: If there is no one there to hold the footman loop while you put back the washer nut combo, tape it down to the Jeep like I did.

Now you are done. Now your Jeep hood is perfect for those a unique #JeepHoodShot!

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