Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jeep Tip #18

Off Roading in the rocks poses the threat of scratches, dings, and even gouges on your Jeep. It is a risk I take on every trip. Most Jeepers don't mind these types of #JeepTattoos. Some even look at them as a trophy of a good day.

I have only wheeled in the rocks twice since I have installed my new Black Rock wheels. They are made out of steel. They are super tough, but they are still prone to scratches or even gouges like you see here. 

I am totally okay with getting my Jeep parts scratched up. I am not going to cry over it. However, living in the middle of salt central, I still need to take care of my Jeep. 

Here's a simple, easy trick to help prevent my wheels from rusting out from the tons and tons of salt peppering our roads in the winter.

Step One: Clean all dirt and grime from the wheels.
Step Two: Carefully sand the gouge.
Step Three: Spray flat black spray paint in a bowl. I like to use a rust inhibitor spray paint.
Step Four: Dip a clean, smooth white cloth into the paint and rub into the scratches and gouges. 


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