Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LED Headlight Adjustment

Now that my new LED headlights are installed, it is time to make sure they are aligned and aimed properly. A lot of folks say it's best to go to a professional to do this. But I wanted to try it myself because it does not seem that hard. So here is what I did.

Find a flat location, at least 35 feet. I had to use the inside garage wall since my driveway is not flat and skews the test. 

Pull Jeep as close to the wall as possible. I decided to use my green screen in the garage. 

With tape, put two crosses on the wall that correspond with the vertical and horizontal center lines of both headlights. Mine measured 42 inches tall. 


Move the Jeep back 25 feet from the wall, keeping the Jeep straight with the crosses on the wall

Examine the pattern. The concentrated light beam should be in the lower right section of the crosses.

Using the torx 15 screw adjust the vertical screw. I made several turns on mine before the lights moved to the correct spot. 

The last step will be to hit the road in the neighborhood to test out to make sure I won't be blinding anyone. 

Disclaimer: Any advise and information provided on this blog should be verified by professional sources prior to making any changes or modifications to your vehicle. 

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