Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Words To Live By

Mentally I was in a rough place this time last year. It was my 49th birthday. I was only one year away from turning the Big Five-Oh. The thought of turning 50 was very daunting for me, so I decided to create a 50 Before 50 list to distract myself.

During this last year in my 40's, I checked items off my list, changing it up a little as the days went by. I had a really great time with my list. Now, I am down to two items left. One is pay for a stranger's lunch, which shouldn't be to hard. The other is create a "My Words To Live By" motto for myself. 

My motto will help me focus on living my life to the fullest. I plan to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Action. Life doesn't end at 50, it is just the beginning of another great phase in my life. 

Now that I have found my passion, a new career, and created my Words to Live By Motto I can look forward to my next 50 years enjoying life! 

My Words To Live By

Enjoy Life - I will enjoy life by being carefree, spontaneous & adventurous. I will explore and travel. I will try new things. I will devote time to myself, my hobbies and my passions.

Live Healthy - I will continue to grow my efforts to being physically active and physically fit by maintaining a healthy weight & eating nutritious foods. Not only taking care of my body, but my mind and spirit. 

Be Inspiring - I will strive to be inspiring others, and teach others by sharing my passions.

Hug My Inner Kid - I will continue to smile, play, laugh and enjoy every moment with my family and friends. 

Embrace your age - I won't fight aging. This is a very powerful concept — letting go of your younger self, and embracing and loving your aging self. Treat myself with kindness and respect, and take care of me — body, mind and soul. 

 "At 50, you learn the value of being passionate about something -- a lover, a career, your life. Passion is what makes you jump out of bed every morning, makes you love every moment in the day." -- S. Mitchell

And when I start to get that daunting feeling, I will remind myself of my motto, and remember the 50 great things about women over 50! 

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