Thursday, September 15, 2016

Prepping For The Salt Storm

Even though the temperatures are still in the 90's, I know Old Man Winter will be breathing down our necks in no time. This means it is time to winterize my Jeep.

For me that means protecting my Jeep Parts against the onslaught of salt. With all the dings, scratches and scrapes my Jeep has, that leaves those Jeep Parts exposed to the ever growing disease called rust.    

Those salt soaked roads are like a cancer for the my Jeep's undercarriage. I need to sand, prime and protect. This means removing the rust and protecting the barred steel.

I was getting ready to head out to the local hardware store to get some sanding tools when I discovered a treasure trove in the garage. 

I have now taken ownership of a Dremel and sanding tool. 


I have my work cut out for me. There was a ding in my front bumper which has been home to the growing rust monster. 

My sliders have taken a beating and are covered in deep gouges from the rocks. But they sure have protected my Jeep so many times.

Then there is the gas tank skid full of many scrapes and some big dents. 

My first step is sanding away the rust and getting down to the bare metal. Then it's time for some rust proofing measures. 

Here are some steps and tips from last year that I found work.  

March 2015 Rust Removal - Jeep Momma Blog Post

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