Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wax on Fender Dilemma

Last year I de-saltified my Jeep with a good wash and wax. Well, one thing I did wrong was not tape up my Jeep's Fenders before I waxed her. 

I ended up getting wax on my fenders. I have tried several home remedies to get the wax off but nothing worked for me. 

Not only are there wax stains on all my fenders, but mud stains as well. Not just any mud either. Coal dust mud, if that is such a thing.

The Off-road park I frequent is in the Pennsylvania mountains on an old coal mine. The mud and muddy waters up there can stain those plastic fenders if you don't get the mud off immediately with some good soap and water. 

In all my searching for a good remedy to take the wax stains off it was suggested I used Mothers Back to Black. I forget who suggested it, but a BIG THANKS! 

I finally broke down and purchased some. It is a heavy duty trim cleaner that  provides cleaning ability and restoration. The bottle filled with a soap like gel comes with the scrub brush.

It is super easy to use. Squirt the liquid on the brush and scrub back and forth. Then wipe the excess off with a microfiber cloth. 

I could really see the difference. But now comes the test of time. Did it really remove the mud and wax stains or was it just a cover up. The bottle claims it is not a cover up. 

I will keep you posted in the coming weeks! 

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