Thursday, October 6, 2016

Diff Cover Install

Finally after three months since I purchased my Riddler Manufacturing Dana 44 Diff covers, I swapped my rear cover. You may ask, why did it take you so long. 

Everyone kept telling me swapping your diff covers is an easy install. I must
admit, the main reason for my delay in the diff cover swap, was intimidation. I was intimidated. I was hoping I could find a mechanic or Jeeper friend to help guide me.  But I never found that person whose schedule would work with mine.

So... this past weekend I decided to take the plunge, and Just Do It! I am proud to say, I did the whole project by myself. I was even able to loosen the bolts on my own  ~ no hubby muscle needed. 

However, once the project was complete, I was very nervous to drive my Jeep. I feared I messed up, and there would be a leak or worse, I damaged the gears. 

Well so far so good! I hope to have a YouTube video posted next week on "How I Did My Install". I will also have a step by step guide on the diff cover swap her on my blog. 

During my research on the internet I found so many conflicting opinions. it can be very hard to wade through them all, and pick the one to go with. Join me tonight at 10:00 pm Central Time at the Jeep Talk Show podcast where I will discuss 3 of these conflicting opinions on the diff cover install. If you can't join Tony, Josh and myself live. You can download Episode 249 on Monday at the same web address. 

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