Wednesday, October 12, 2016

UPDATE: Wax On My Fenders

If you have been following my blog the past year, you may know I have issues with the plastic fenders on my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

April of 2015, I decided to wax my Jeep. Well... I wasn’t very careful around the plastic fenders, and wax got on them.

I tried many, many “home remedies” suggested from fellow Jeepers… like Dawn dish soap, a pink eraser, Simple Green, Mr. Clean Eraser sponge, a blow dryer and wire brush, and yes, even peanut butter.

Now peanut butter seemed to work ~~ for a little while. But the wax re-appeared after a couple of days. Plus there was the threat of squirrels trying to eat my fenders. :-)

So I decided to try the Back to Black, just last month. Not only did I have wax stains, I had mud stains… and not just your regular mud. It was coal dust mud stains from the Pennsylvania coal mines.

So I gooped the gel onto the brush they provided. Then scrubbed away wiping off the excess with a mirco-fiber cloth. WOW! What a difference.

The wax disappeared! My fenders look new. The mud stains are gone as well. Now the real test. The test of time. Did the wax stains stay away. See for yourself.

It has been a little over two weeks. The Back to Black is still holding the stains at bay. I will keep my eye on it and report back in a couple of months.

Mother’s Back to Black can be purchased at any automotive store or on Amazon for $7.49. It claims ~ Removes light oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film with ease ~ Protects against further deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminants ~ Cleans and protects exterior trim of all color ~ Brings back that like-new color

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